We proudly inform, that our company was choiced as the FINALIST of MassChgallenge 2019 in Switzerland from more than 900 startups over the world.

Details about the MassChallenge Switzerland : Founded in 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has quickly become a leading driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by connecting startups with the experts and resources they need to grow. The selected startups will have unrivaled access to top corporate partners, world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming and teaching, and the chance to be rewarded with up to CHF 1M in zero-equity prize money, and several other in-kind prizes.

BFT developed new food ingredients, which bring benefits for the relating food producers but also for food consumers. New ingredients are designed for many food applications, with high functionality, for the sustainable profitability of food producers. But, on the consumers’ side, they prevent a problem with imbalanced of sugars intake in human nutrition. Consequently, could contribute to preventing Lifestyle diseases.

” What if foods with sugars content could be healthier at reasonable price? „

Our company starts finding future partners, cooperators and new business connections with world-class experts.

Objectives are clear :

“ To find a right and best way for bringing of our products to common foods for the supporting and enhancing of healthiness of people. “