We developed an accessible products with strategy, which influence body glycemic reaction and overall could reduce risks for civilization diseases. We named it “SweetActive”

In BFT, we change approach to sugar beet processing, resulting in products with unique properties. Beneficiary for relating food producers and also for consumers. Our product naturally help human metabolism affect glycemic response and provide active supplements for metabolic function after intake of meal with sugars content. Consequently, contribute to health and lower the risk of globally rising Life style diseases.

What if foods with sugars could be little bit more healthy at reasonable price ?

What We do?

New approach to sugar beet processing with an industrial technological concept open access to innovations of foods. This our effort is resulting in new product family, SweetACTIVE, with new quality for new foods. SweetACTIVE is suitable for industrial but also for home use. It is sweetener, with health claims, but also with interesting technological properties for food producers. Bring benefits for customers and also for producers.

What is SweetACTIVE ?

SweetACTIVE is the family name for the products which are based on new sugar beet processing. The beet root is partially concentrated to form of powder with using of innovative concept, and innovative technology, what ensure not only the high content of sugars, but also essential nutritional complex with positive impact on human glycemic reaction (reaction against sugar intake). The SweetACTIVE comprise family of products, where each one product have specialized properties for different utilization within food industry applications or just for home usage application.

Who can use SweetACTIVE ?

SweetActive are dedicated for home and also industrial applications, mainly where the recipe of food is constituted from more ingredients, mixed together to create final product.

The possible applications

Bakery industry
bread, wheat products, pastry, filings

Pastry, biscuits and wafers
different types of biscuits, wafers

Vegetable and fruit processing
ketchup, vegetable spreads and paté, mayonnaise and dressings, jams, fruit products

Candies production
chocolate and creams, nutella, caramel sweets and some of soft sweets

Dairy industry
yoghurts, milk drinks, season products, fillings, cream cheese, processed dairy products (spreadable products)rs

Snack products
extruded cereals (dairy cereals), salty or spicy baked crackers,